Planning a move can be done over a long period of time as you pack up your home in between your usual schedule, or it could be a rushed experience. If you are under time pressure to move, it can add a little bit of stress to the situation.  

However, planning ahead can help alleviate the stress and make the moving process a lot easier. Consider these easy tips that can prevent you from being overwhelmed when packing for a move in two weeks (or less). 

Make the necessary preparations in advance 

Give yourself enough time to buy moving boxes and packaging supplies so that your belongings are packed safely. Review all administrative tasks, such as travel arrangements and moving insurance, to make any necessary changes. Make sure that you call the utility company and wrap up any loose ends as well.   

Organise all of your belongings 

Decluttering is one of the first practical steps to packing up your belongings and preparing for a move. Make an inventory of all of your belongings, pack all items that won’t be used in the time before the move, and reserve a self storage unit to keep household belongings until needed. 

Start packing 

Even with limited time, you need to give yourself enough time to pack up the home in a relaxed manner. Carefully wrap all fragile items, group similar items together, donate items you no longer need and make sure that all essential items are readily available. 

Finalise your home 

As moving day approaches, make sure that you leave your old home in good condition. Organise a deep clean of the home, move a few carloads to your new home, pack an overnight bag with a few essentials and confirm that all utilities are transferred. 

Hire professional help 

Many hands make light work, and hiring professional help can make the moving process a lot easier. At Wigwam, we offer various services that streamline the move, including van hire services

If you’re planning a move in two weeks or less, then we’ve got you covered. Whether you need packaging supplies, van hire or a personal storage unit, we’re a call away. Contact us at 01608 656 300 to chat with our helpful team, or contact us online.  

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