If you’re like most parents, you want to give your children a playroom that is fun, creative and functional. However, organising a child’s playroom can be tricky, especially when working with a small avalanche of tiny action figures, lost puzzle pieces, feet-destroying Lego and more.  

Begin by decluttering and removing broken toys or donating ones they’ve long outgrown. Once you’re left with the best, try these hacks to organise your child’s playroom. 

Clear bins for toys  

When children are on the hunt for a specific toy, tipping out all containers is normally their go-to. However, with clear bins and containers, your children will be able to see straight through and grab what they want without causing an explosion of toys all over the place. 

Designate shelving  

Parents are well-aware of toys their children favour. Consider designating a shelf for favourite toys only. This way, your children know exactly where to find their cherished items, and they’ll have an easier pack-up process when the clock hits bedtime.  

Book storage  

If you don’t have the space for a full bookshelf or can’t install shelves as a renter, consider using book bins. Place them on a low level or the floor for easy access, allowing children to pack books away neatly at the end of the day. 

Organise by colour  

Consider organising items by colour – a favourite strategy of the famous Home Edit duo. It not only makes it easier for children to identify what they’re looking for, but children will use the colour system to put toys back where they found them.   

Play clean-up games 

From ‘pick-up by colour’ games to ‘how fast can they clean-up’, make clean-up time fun. Now, you get to have fun watching instead of doing, as your children laugh and race their siblings to the finish line. Kids are smart, but they’ll fall for it at least a few times before catching on. 

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