In Worcestershire, The Basement Project has been a lifeline for young people facing homelessness and crisis since 1998. From their humble beginnings in the basement of a local church, they have grown to provide a comprehensive range of services across the county. 

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The History of The Basement Project

In 1998, a group of dedicated professionals working with young people in Bromsgrove identified a pressing need for a service aimed at supporting homeless youth in finding accommodation. This led to the formation of the Bromsgrove Youth Homelessness Forum, which eventually gave rise to the Basement Project. The project initially operated from the basement of a local church, which inspired its name. 

Over time, the project has grown and evolved, now offering a more comprehensive range of services covering the entire Worcestershire region. While still headquartered in Bromsgrove, the project now operates from Hanover House on Hanover Street and offers a drop-in service, a food bank, a floating support service, and the Application Station, which assists with job applications, CVs and more.

Addressing the Root Causes of Homelessness: A Holistic Approach

The Basement Project maintains strong connections with other local agencies, support services, and stakeholders to ensure comprehensive assistance for their clients. They work closely with organisations such as St Basils, Redditch Nightstop, Small Talk Counselling, the Care Leavers Team, and Bromsgrove District Housing Trust, among others to ensure comprehensive support for young people in need. A collaborative approach, such as this one, helps create a strong foundation for independence. This holistic approach has been successful in tackling the root causes of crises, such as homelessness and unemployment, by addressing issues ranging from family breakdowns and domestic abuse to financial pressures.

According to Kelly Turner, Community Fundraiser for the Basement Project, mental health is a significant concern, which is why they work closely with a local counselling service to provide counselling when needed. Kelly comments further, “our support is holistic, as our clients are usually experiencing several of these issues at once. Our clients have access to one of our support workers either via the drop-in service or floating support. In the case of family breakdown, they can access our mediation service, where we aim to help resolve any issues that may result in a young person being asked to leave the family home.” 

Measuring the Impact and Celebrating Success

“Everything I lost I have regained again, you helped me gain confidence and independence, and helped me get to a better place.” A youth who benefited from the project.

“I think I have it all under control. Everything is in place and the issues I have are sorted. Just waiting for the baby now really. I’m all settled and can’t thank you enough for your support. I will contact you if I need anything.” A youth who benefited from the project.

The Basement Project has empowered countless young people to bring about meaningful changes in their lives. Through targeted support, individuals have found housing, gained employment opportunities and fostered strong relationships with others, all while promoting positive mental health practices. 

The organisation continually assesses its impact through regular reports to funders, annual reports, client feedback and ongoing progress evaluations. It also hosts forum sessions to give young people a chance to voice their opinions and share their experiences.

Success stories like Stacey’s highlight the transformative impact of their services. Listen to Stacey’s story.

Future Aspirations and Goals

The team behind this worthy organisation envisions a future where young people in Worcestershire have the necessary foundation to achieve independence and manage their tenancies successfully. Their expansion plans include outreach to additional areas within Worcestershire, including Kidderminster.

“We have started to branch out across Worcestershire, so we hope that we will be able to continue this growth and support even more young people in need across the county. This will only be possible with the continued support of the local community, whose help we are forever grateful for. We have already set things in motion by starting drop-ins in Evesham, Malvern and Worcester,” comments Kelly. 

A Closer Look at The Basement Project’s Offerings

Accessible Drop-In Service

The drop-in service at Hanover House is open Monday through Friday, from 12 pm to 4 pm. Here, young people up to 25 years old can discuss their needs with a support worker and receive guidance on the available services. Although walk-ins are welcome, it is advisable to make an appointment by calling 01527 832993. The food bank is also available for those in need.

Essential Food Bank

The Basement Project’s food bank provides crucial support to young people who are struggling financially or waiting for benefit applications to be processed. In some cases, a substantial food parcel can even serve as a temporary solution to extend their stay with friends or family while more suitable accommodation is secured.

Comprehensive Tenancy Support

For young individuals who have secured a tenancy, the Basement Project offers assistance in managing their new living situation. This includes budgeting guidance, help with setting up utilities, benefit applications, job searching, and sourcing furniture and essential appliances.

Empowering Application Station

The Application Station is a recent addition to the project’s services, designed to help young people find employment or educational opportunities. Support is provided in the form of job searching, CV writing, and application assistance.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

The Basement Project acknowledges the significant impact mental health can have on the lives of young people. In response, they work closely with a local counselling service to provide necessary mental health support.

How can you support The Basement Project?

There are several ways to support The Basement Project’s mission:


Volunteer opportunities are available in fundraising, social media support, food bank assistance, office and admin work, and drop-in services. Contact Nina at for more information.


Get involved in upcoming fundraising events or support ongoing campaigns like the Wall of Fame campaign. Contact Kelly at for more details.

General donations

Donate to The Basement Project through their website, in person at Hanover House, or contribute items to their Amazon wishlist. Every donation, whether monetary or in-kind, helps support their vital work.

By spreading the word about The Basement Project and their services, you can help ensure that more young people in need can access the support they deserve. To learn more, visit their website at

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