• 30 March 2023

    Top 5 golf courses near Bromsgrove

    If you’re a keen golfer living near Bromsgrove, read our latest blog on the top five golf courses to visit! What are you waiting for? Get reading!

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  • 23 March 2023

    Home repairs you can do yourself

    While many home repairs require professional help, there are a few that can be done yourself. Save some money by reading our latest blog now!

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  • 16 March 2023

    Tips for storing furniture in a storage unit

    Did you know that there is a right and wrong way to store furniture? Read our latest blog for tips when storing furniture in a storage unit.

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  • 10 March 2023

    Get ready to meet the future of storage in Bromsgrove!

    The future of storage arrived in Bromsgrove a mere couple of months ago and we couldn’t be prouder. Our latest blog unpacks everything you need to know about storing with us in Bromsgrove

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  • 09 March 2023

    Five things to do on your first day in your new home.

    Moving homes can be an overwhelming task. However, it doesn’t have to be if you follow the advice on our latest blog!

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  • 02 March 2023

    Top five places to explore in the Cotswolds

    The Cotswolds has a seemingly endless list of beautiful places to visit. If you’re wanting to know the top five places to explore, then check out Wigwam’s latest blog!

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  • 15 February 2023

    How self storage can help you prepare for your wedding 

    We can all agree that planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. However, would you believe us if we told you that self storage could help ease some of that stress?

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  • 09 February 2023

    How to pack your garage for a move

    If you’re like most people, the thought of packing your garage gives you nightmares. However, it doesn’t have to be that daunting, here’s how to pack it like a pro

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  • 02 February 2023

    The best tips for packing and storing books 

    Are you a book lover who demands the best care for your books? Then check out our latest blog for the best tips to pack and store your books!

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