One of the best parts of university life is the opportunity to grow as you try new things. If you’re knee-deep in academics and starting to feel just a little overwhelmed by new responsibilities, we can help.  

To help you stay focused and avoid mid-semester burnout, we’ve listed some of the best apps for university students. From easy referencing to ambient noise to help you study better, we’ve got you covered. 


If you hate remembering the differences in citation methods, this app is for you. After scanning the book barcode, RefMe will create your chosen citation method from over 7500 citation styles and save the reference, helping you cite, reference and create bibliographies like a pro. 


Noisli is a gift for students who struggle with noise distraction. Offering a wide range of ambient sounds, including brown noise for enhanced focus, students can create a custom ambient soundtrack to help them focus, relax and even sleep better.  


Evernote is perfect for enhancing task management and note-taking, helping to keep your thoughts organised. Able to capture a note in any format, Evernote can also save product/service reviews and take pictures of receipts or handwritten notes. 

Dragon Dictation 

Do you do your best thinking out loud? This app allows you to dictate copy for as long as necessary. Using voice recognition software, you can create and edit documents of any length and then either save or email them to yourself or others when you’re ready.  


The perfect digital planner, Timetable (or Class Timetable for iOS) is a great way to plan your day and keep track of your many upcoming assignment deadlines. Say goodbye to an overcrowded brain and hello to the new productive and organised you! 

All apps are available on Android and iOS 

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