Collectables are often valuable and sentimental items that require special care and attention when it comes to storage. Proper storage of these items can help preserve their condition and value over time. The key to successfully storing collectibles is carefully considering their individual needs and taking appropriate measures to protect them.  

That’s why we’ve put together a list of general ways for you to do just that! 

Invest in proper packaging 

Part of ensuring your collectibles’ longevity is making sure you pack them correctly and use the right containers. While different items may require more or less care, there are a number of essentials you should remember when packing any and all items: 

  • Use moving boxes: they’re perfect for both moving and storing items  
  • Use bubble wrap: it keeps items supported and cushioned when being stacked 
  • Use plastic sleeves: this allows you to avoid smudging, staining and dust  
  • Use tape and markers: use tape to secure boxes and bubble wrap and markers for labelling your boxes so you know where everything is  

Ensure there is no direct sunlight 

While most people are happy to see the sun, the same can’t be said for collectors and their collectibles. In fact, exposure to natural light can cause any type of item to fade, warp and even dry out. For these reasons, it’s important for collectors to find a safe storage space that doesn’t receive direct sunlight.   

Find a climate-controlled space 

If you’re a collector, you’ll know that most items are extremely sensitive to their environment. This means that changes in the temperature can affect both the condition and value of these items. While high temperatures can cause warping and deterioration, lower temperatures can cause materials to crack. Consider storing your collectibles in a climate-controlled space to avoid any potential damage to your valuables.  

If your storage unit isn’t climate-controlled consider the following suggestions: 

  • Purchase a few desiccant pouches (silicon pouches you find in electronic packaging or with new shoes) and place them in your boxes. They absorb excess water in the air and prevent mould and mildew 
  • You can also place bowls of kitty litter or baking soda to further combat mould and mildew 
  • Wash and properly dry all material-like items before storing them. While items made from material tend to do fine in high temperatures, they can grow mildew or mould in hot weather if any stains or soils are left on them 

In the same way that collectibles vary, so do people’s reasons for collecting them. For some it’s just a hobby that they’re passionate about, to others it’s a profession. However, no matter what your reason for collecting these items is, storing them properly needs to be a priority.  

That’s where Wigwam Self Storage comes in! Not only do we offer a secure location to store your collectibles, but we do so with a wide range of storage units that can cater to your every need as well. Contact us today to start taking care of your collectibles, or visit our Personal Storage options now! 

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